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Five WHYS behind the Ljubljana as a City of Learning

20 Nov, 12:52
We hear from the team at Ljubljana City of Learning to find out their reasons for being part of the Cities of Learning network.

Have you ever come across the principle of The Golden Circle? It suggests that we can achieve much more if we begin by asking "Why?" before undertaking any action.

In Zavod Tipovej, we help young people on their way to self-realisation by encouraging them to think creatively, implement ideas, set ambitious goals and bring their dreams to reality. With our programmes, we motivate and empower young people to seize the opportunities around them and co-create their local and international communities as an ecosystem that connects and includes them at all levels of the organisation.

Reflecting on our history and envisioning a brighter future, we asked ourselves, "why do we believe in Ljubljana as a city of learning?" And here is what we found…

  1. Digital Immortality of our activities: we use the platform to easily store, organise, and share essential resources like training materials, workshop outlines, and educational videos. For example, check out our playlist titled School for life - Brave. Creative. Entrepreneurial. This playlist is an activity that TiPovej! runs every year with the secondary school students. It is designed to promote creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and encourage setting ambitious life goals. Because school is not just about textbooks! By completing the playlist, learners discover their talents, articulate their desires and goals, and acquire or enhance various skills and tools to bring their desires and project ideas to life. The playlist helps motivating and inspiring young people to create new ideas. Additionally, successful individuals from Slovenia personally share guidance and knowledge with young people, enabling them to see their ideas through to the final result. The decision to host our learning pathways on the Ljubljana City of Learning platform is strategic. The platform, available in local language, is known for transforming Ljubljana into vibrant learning ecosystems. Using the platform, we ensure that the content remains accessible, inclusive, and relevant, reaching a wider audience and resonating with diverse learning needs. This digital approach increases our impact, allowing young people for a longer and ongoing connection with the content, even beyond the project's duration.
  2. Flexible Learning is about providing youth with 24/7 access to learning activities, allowing them to learn at their own pace and on their own terms, anytime and anywhere.
  3. Co-Creation is an approach we applied since the beginning of Ljubljana City of Learning to help it come alive. We believe young people know a lot and are able to share their knowledge with peers, us and others. Co-designing learning activities, fostering a culture of peer-led education, increases the sense of ownership to the use of the platform and develops a sense of belonging among young people we work with. For instance, the master's students of social pedagogy produced the "EAT - STRESS - REPEAT" playlist which aims to educate young people about various eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, and others. The initiative provides comprehensive information on both preventive and curative assistance available for those facing eating disorders. The content includes challenges related to self-image and balanced meals, serving as a preventive measure against these disorders. Additionally, we get inspired by young people's creative learning activities on Ljubljana City of Learning.
  4. Skill Validation allows young individuals to track their progress, and offer them validation or certification for their non-formal education endeavours.
  5. Lastly for us is our Community of Believers. In Ljublajna City of learning the community members are from various sectors, including other learning providers and youth organisations as us, the Municipality of Ljubljana, the representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, and other relevant stakeholders. With this community we feel stronger and empowered to break the walls and advocate for the recognition and validation of non-formal education.

Simon Sinek (developer of the Golden Circle theory) says: "People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it." We hope our WHY resonates with you and inspires you to join the Cities of Learning Network.

If our WHY resonates with you, we invite you to explore the Zavod Tipovej website to delve deeper into Zavod Tipovej's WHAT and HOW.

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