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Youth co-managers talks #6

2 Jan, 20:35
You can listen recording here.

Hi, Giulia!


It’s so nice to meet you here in Cagliari!

Yeah, it’s very nice to be here, finally.

What do you like about living in Cagliari?

Well, it’s, I like that it’s a small city, but you have everything you need. And then, it’s on an island. It’s in the middle of the Mediterranean, very nice weather, very nice people, nice food. And we have everything we need, even if it’s a small place.

And is Cagliari a place where you can learn something?

Yes, I think so. Especially now we hope with the Cagliari Metropolitan City of learning, we hope to give young people access to more learning opportunities. But you can learn a lot from sailing, for instance, to climbing, there’s a lot of outdoor things you can do and digital things you can do. So a bit of everything.

Cagliari was one thing before it became a City of Learning. So what has changed?

I think the Cagliari Metropolitan City of Learning gave access to more digital learning opportunities because Sardinia is still a bit behind when it comes to anything digital.

So we hope now that, with this, we can give young people more, in terms of digital learning, online opportunities, virtual exchanges, and especially after the pandemic. This project was born very much, with the pandemic in a sense. And so after the pandemic, we hope that we offer something else and something more. And I think we are on the right track.

So you do a lot as a youth co-manager of City of Learning in Metropolitan City of Cagliari. Did it change anything in your professional or even personal life?

Oh, definitely. The last two or three years for me have been a lot of Cities of learning. I think professionally, especially I was very much involved in the management of the project, not even co-management.

And I learned a lot about the behind-the-scenes, really the management administration, but also communication. And, I must say it was never my thing and it became a bit my thing now. So I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to learn more about that.

What are the plans of Metropolitan City of Learning, in the upcoming months or years?

I think now actually we are approaching the final stages of the two main projects we are involved in and have been involved in in the past few years. And so now we have to plan a bit.

We haven’t really planned much in detail, but there are ideas for, maybe pushing forward the national Italian Cities of Learning network, because we already have many Cities and Regions of Learning, available in Italy. So maybe we will push the network a bit more. Also Cagliari City of learning is going to become more and more a Sardinia Island of Learning.

So we are getting a bit bigger.

That’s nice.

Yes. And, I think for us, the idea is to keep it up, keep it sustainable and, go on with it. It’s a great family and a big initiative and we hope we will still be here for a long time to come.

Like essentially this creates a lot of opportunities for young people to take part and to be active online and offline. So how can young people in Cagliari join?

Well, come to us, first of all, come to NUR, ask about it or join us on social media to connect with us. And we can give you all the information that you need and participate actively locally, and you can do a lot of things. And also we always need bright young minds with ideas and volunteers, who would like to learn more about how to use the platform and how to spread it, around how to teach other people how to use it. So please contact us.

If young people would like just to learn something on the platform, what are maybe the main topics that are most popular in the Cagliari Metropolitan City of learning?

I think we actually have a good variety because, uh, there are not many organisations yet, but they do many different things. So I think there’s a bit of digital, a bit of environmentally friendly stuff, a bit of mental health, a bit of everything. And we hope that it’ll stay that way, that there will be a lot of everything.

Great! So you mentioned a huge family of Cities and regions of learning. If there would be something you would like to wish for all your partners and young people across the globe, what would that be?

Ooh, let’s stay together, but also, keep growing individually. And I hope that the family will get bigger and bigger and larger and better. And to actually keep the strong partnerships that we created, throughout these projects to keep them going, even in other projects. I wish everybody great things!

Thank you so much. I really enjoy this conversation with you.

Thank you, Agne, me too.

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