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BlogArticlesCuracao Island of Learning boosts entrepreneurial skills and promotes lifelong learning
Awero team

Curacao Island of Learning boosts entrepreneurial skills and promotes lifelong learning

2 Jan, 21:16
The island of Curacao recently played host to a remarkable event aimed at promoting entrepreneurial skills and extending high-quality learning opportunities to disadvantaged adults. 14–21 April, the Curacao Island of Learning team organized a week-long multiplying event that brought together participants from Europe and Curacao. The event proved to be a tremendous success, with diverse users of the City of Learning platform and Open Badges sharing their experiences, offering practical insights, and inspiring stories.

The event was organized into three sections, each serving a distinct purpose. The first section focused on highlighting the projec “Digital technology for pathways to entrepreneurial skills” objectives and showcasing the results achieved thus far. It provided an opportunity for participants to gain a deeper understanding of the project’s goals and the positive impact it has had on adult learners in Curacao.

The second section showcased the Intellectual Outputs of the project. Participants had the chance to explore and learn about the various digital solutions developed for adult learners, with a specific emphasis on promoting entrepreneurial skills and attitudes. Through presentations and workshops, attendees gained valuable knowledge and skills, discovering how to recognize and validate skills acquired through informal and non-formal learning.

In the third section, participants had a hands-on experience working on the Curacao Island of Learning platform. They learned how to utilize Open Badges and the Cities of Learning platform for prior and lifelong learning. This practical aspect of the event empowered participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in a tangible way.

Impact on the local community

The impact of the multiplying event on the local community is significant. The event served as a catalyst for collaboration among local organizations and individuals, creating a vibrant community focused on promoting learning opportunities. The Curacao Island of Learning community becames a platform for showcasing initiatives, generating ideas, and forming partnerships to develop new learning opportunities for all on the island.

Moreover, the event highlighted the importance of digital technology in promoting learning. It encouraged local organizations to adopt innovative approaches and integrate technology into their adult education programs, making learning more accessible and flexible. By recognizing and validating prior learning and skills, especially among adults with fewer opportunities, the event provided a valuable opportunity to support and empower adult learners on the island.

Collaborative efforts and inspirational participants

The multiplying event brought together various stakeholders who played a pivotal role in its success. The participation of organizations such as the University of Curacao, the Dutch Don’t Drown Foundation, and Federashon aquatika Curaçao showcased the collaborative effort to promote adult learning in different contexts. Representatives from government bodies, such as Ministerie OWCS and Ministerie SOAW, also EU desk, Biblioteka Públiko Curaçao, Curaçao Innovation and Technology Institute, Tao Curaçao, Mazeli and other NGOs contributed their experiences and insights, enriching the event with diverse perspectives.

Highlighting successful programs and initiatives

Throughout the event, success stories and highlights were shared, inspiring attendees and providing real-world examples of the impact of entrepreneurial skills and lifelong learning:

  1. Incorporating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Unesco & Fundashon tur ta konta: Nilda Pinto, an educational institution, made a remarkable commitment during the event. Starting from January 18, 2023, they pledged to integrate the SDGs into their overall vision, strategy, and school DNA. Their initiative, the ‘Nilda Pinto SDG Village,’ focuses on working towards a more sustainable world. This dedication underscores the importance of embedding sustainability principles into education.
  2. Promoting Sustainable Development Goals – Unesco: The event highlighted Unesco’s efforts in promoting the SDGs. Unesco has been actively raising awareness and encouraging actions aligned with the SDGs to address global challenges. Their involvement in the Curacao Island of Learning Multiplying Event showcased their commitment to fostering sustainable development through education.
  3. Empowering Entrepreneurial Skills – Curaçao Island of Learning: Ideas and Opportunities, The Entrepreneurial Resource Box, and Into Action were featured. These programs provide practical tools, guidance, and inspiration for individuals looking to explore entrepreneurship and develop their business acumen.
  4. Mental Health Promotion Training – Network Cities of Learning: Recognizing the importance of mental health promotion among youth, the event highlighted the efforts of Network Cities of Learning. They organized two residential training programs for youth workers and young leaders in Curaçao and the Netherlands. These trainings equipped participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to address mental health challenges and support the well-being of young individuals.

One of the standout moments of the event was the launch of the Island of Learning video, which showcased the project’s objectives and its potential to support adult learners in their skills and knowledge development. Additionally, the announcement that the platform has been translated into Papiamentu, a local language, demonstrates the commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Looking to the future, the Curacao Island of Learning plans to expand its reach and create learning playlists not only for the target group of this project but for other groups.

The project “Digital technology for pathways to entrepreneurial skills“ is funded by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ programme.

Badgecraft hosts this platform and develops it together with leading educational organisations. The European Union's programme Erasmus+ granted co-funding for building the first version of this platform. Contact support@badgecraft.eu.
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