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3.3 Essentials for a project design


3.3 Essentials for a project design



The following checklist includes essential information which may be helpful when designing a youth exchange project. You can also find some useful tips and hints on what is important during this phase.

  • A project can start 3 months after the application deadline, but it is better to give it 4 months or more.
  • The duration of a youth exchange programme is 5 to 21 days, plus up to 2 days for travelling.
  • All partners and youth groups should be involved in choosing a topic, setting goals and selecting methods.
  • Know the difference between the exchange topic and method, for example, what topic you can explore through music as a method.
  • Design a programme that is relevant to the set goals and includes activities to explore the chosen topic every day.
  • Each group should create activities and content. Involve all groups in planning and sharing responsibilities.
  • Plan methods to evaluate your project goals. Implement - Youthpass, local impact and dissemination of project’s benefits.
  • Agree with partner groups on practical issues, such as the schedule, accommodation, materials needed, venue.
  • Include a 2-day advance planning visit (APV), if the partnership is new or if participating young people need extra support.
Make a copy of the checklist and use it to follow the necessary requirements for a youth exchange project design.


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Open the checklist essentials. Write down which of the checklist points did you find the most important for you?


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