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8.3 Essentials for sharing results of youth exchange


8.3 Essentials for sharing results of youth exchange



The following checklist includes essential information that may be helpful when disseminating results of youth exchange project. You can also find some useful tips and hints on what is important during this phase.

  • You are asked to define activities of spreading your project results already while filling-in application form.
  • Define with partners what would indicate the success of your project. Think about how you are going to measure your success.
  • One type of success – learning of participants and group leaders. Make it visible and communicate it to others.
  • Dedicate some activities to make others in the community engaged and interested in your exchange topic.
  • Generate all together some main powerful messages you wish to get across to others outside the project in each community involved.
  • Use the energy and creativity during the exchange – generate ideas for spreading project results back in participants’ communities.
  • Don’t just enjoy that project was great. Tell why the project was good to other young people outside your group, too.
  • Group leaders can spread good practices of a youth exchange to their managers, colleagues and others involved in youth work.
  • The name of the programme (Erasmus+ Youth in Action) should be visible in all your communication and products you produce.
Make a copy of the checklist and use it to follow the necessary requirements to prepare for a youth exchange.


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Open the checklist for sharing results. Write down which of the checklist points did you find the most important for you?

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