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1.7 Funding application: project description and participants profile


1.7 Funding application: project description and participants profile

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The content generated at the stage of building a group will be useful when describing your project in the application for Erasmus+ co-funding. You can make use of this content in several parts of the application.

In the ‘Project description’ section answer the following questions:
  • Why do you want to carry out this project?
  • What are its objectives?
  • How does it link to the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme and this specific key action?
  • What are the issues and needs that you are seeking to address through this project?
In the ‘Participant’s profile’ section provide the following information:
  • the background and needs of the participants involved
  • the role and involvement of the participants in all phases of the project
  • ways of how your project will support the involvement of young people with fewer opportunities
Watch the following video tutorial to learn how to fill in the project’s description and information about project participants. Disclaimer: the application form is being constantly updated. Use the latest version.

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What are the most important considerations when filling the sections of 'Project description' and 'Profiles of participants' in the grant application? Write 2-3 recommendations for the quality of these sections of the grant application.

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